Friday, February 5, 2010

Lip and Nose Surgery Completed!!

Okay!! Surgery was the 3rd of February at 10am. It took three hours and they removed the Latham device that was pinned into the roof of his mouth and repaired his lip and nose!! Dr Matic is an amazing plastics Doctor. It couldn't have turned out any more perfect!
After surgery, we came into the recovery room to a crying Brody. He was just coming off the anesthetic and was very groggy. I barely recognized him - in a good way. The nurse handed him over and he stared up at me like he was relieved to see his mommy. I was soo happy and relieved to make it to this point and it wasn't as hard as I anticipated. I couldn't get over how much more beautiful he looked and I already thought he was as beautiful as he could be!! He was still whimpering a bit though so the nurse got us some glucose water to feed him. After he had something in his belly, he calmed down and just started babbling away, telling us little stories and smiling!!
We were moved up to his room around 2:15 pm and he was in and out of it at this point. The rest of the afternoon and evening were normal. He just hung out with us and was sitting up checking things out in the new place he was in. He slept great that night and was pretty much back to his normal routine.
We came home the next day at noon. Brody had a normal afternoon and slept great at home too!! He has to wear braces on his arms called No-No's so he doesn't put his fingers in his mouth. We obviously don't want him pulling on his stitches.
Right now, he has tubes in his nose (a stint) so his nose doesn't swell shut. The bridge of his nose is pretty bruised and his left eye and cheeks are pretty puffy too. He doesn't mind at all though. He gets the stitches out on the 10th and then he's a free boy again!!
Once his lip heals, we can start him on solids, which is going to be pretty interesting considering there is still a space in his palate. The next step is the palate surgery which will be done between 9-12 months old, so sometime throughout the summer time.

Again, I'll be updating my blog when anything new comes up!
Thank you for all of the prayers, love and support!
And thank you God for keeping my boy safe and happy!!