Thursday, April 29, 2010

Updates on Brody!

Brody's 7 months old now. He started his baby cereal at almost 5 months no problem and he's on solids now which can be pretty interesting at times. Since his palate still has the opening, when he swallows, most of the time the food comes out hehe He gets pretty upset about it but nothing a bottle can't change =)
Right now we're in the midst of weaning him off the bottle onto a sippy cup to prepare him for the palate surgery. They'll be closing the gap in his palate and the surgery date is based on how well he uses the sippy cup.
Our last appointment with Dr. Matic went great. Brody's scar is healing wonderfully and he's developing perfectly.
We had a Genetics appointment in March to test Brody's chromosomes to make sure there are no other problems that are attached to the cleft lip. I'm pretty confident he's a very healthy boy. He's almost sitting up without support, has no problems with his voice and rolls all over the floor. At his last Pediatrician appointment, he was in the normal range for weight and above average for height. He has a big head, but I think that means it's full of brains =)

More updates to come when we visit the Plastics Doctor again!!

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