Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So Brody is almost 16 months old already. Since he had his palate surgery in October, life has been so much easier. The surgery was a rough one but Brody was back to normal the morning after.
We're in the midst of teaching him to suck and blow and we're going to be starting speech therapy in the next couple of months.
His scars are healing beautifully and his teeth are coming in nice and straight so far. We couldn't be happier with how everything is going!!
Our plastic surgeon is confident that Brody wont need a lip revision in a couple years so his next surgery might not be for another 8-10 years!

Brody's almost walking and he's definitely found his voice. He likes to scream when he wants something and throws his food and sippy cups from his highchair. Kyleigh loves her brother but the sibling rivalry has already kicked in. Those two fight over toys constantly!! I guess this is a little look into what the future is going to be like for us haha

Thank you everyone for all of the prayers and support along the way. It's great to know we have so many amazing friends and family!

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