Friday, May 6, 2011

May 2011

Brody is 20 months old and he's constantly on the go! He's climbing all over the furniture and getting into everything he shouldn't be. He's developing at the perfect pace but he's still not talking. He's making a lot of noises though! He says "mama" and "muh" for milk. He'll babble and say "ma ma ma ma" most of the time.
There aren't any new sounds developing and we're waiting VERY patiently for the members of the cleft team in London to call back about his speech therapy assessment. I've contacted them three times with a promise of a call back and nothing yet. I'd love to get the ball rolling with speech therapy before he's two because he should be learning to make new sounds.
I'll update again when he's assessed for speech therapy and let everyone who's interested know where we stand :)

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